There is an old rule of thumb that states if you subtract your age from 100 that should be the percentage of equities you should own in your investment portfolio. For example, if a client was 50 years old, the rule of thumb states they should have a portfolio of 50% equities and 50% bonds and cash. Leigh Baldwin & Co. (LBC) Advisory Services does not believe universal rules should apply to an individual’s investment portfolio. We believe money is personal to every client we work with, and their risk should be defined by them with a portfolio customized to their risk tolerance.

LBC Advisory Services works to take the time to understand each client’s risk tolerance and individual goals. We utilize a risk assessment questionnaire and continuously analyze our client’s ability and willingness to take risk in the financial markets. We work closely with our clients to guide them to a comfortable portfolio risk score to help them achieve their financial goals with peace of mind during volatile markets.

We ask you to begin your risk analysis today by clicking on the link below to take our risk evaluation questionnaire.