A Simple, Diversified Approach

We believe investment management should be optimized to our client’s risk capacity, cash flow, tax plan and most importantly their life goals. We strive to think differently, questioning the Wall Street crowd to build clients’ portfolios that align with their dreams.

Although our investing strategy continues to evolve, we have found that 5 core building blocks continue to be a foundation for client success. We believe allocating between a mix of U.S. Equity Growth, U.S. Dividend Growth, Fixed Income, International Equities, and Alternative Assets provide the core for a strong financial plan.

  • Financial Planning with less risk
  • Each Building Block has a different objective
  • Strategies may have varying results
  • Expect volatility
  • Goal: Is Plan on Track?
U.S. Dividend Growth
  • Grow Income
  • Generate Income
  • Downside protection
U.S. Equity Growth
  • Capture mega trends of American innovation (i.e. AI)
  • Potential above-average secular growth
Fixed Income
  • Stability of principle
  • Cash flow
  • Hedge equity market risk
  • Potential to increase in value during recession
International Equity
  • Potential for higher yields
  • Diversification
  • Lower Valuation
  • Reduce Correlation

When managing money, a primary goal is to create large, sustainable capital gains! Gains are good when compared to the opposite. That being said, a related primary goal is to be as tax efficient as possible. Tax efficiency includes the following…

  1. Using tax deferred or tax exempt portfolios whenever possible
  2. Manage unrealized gains and losses throughout the year
  3. Paying taxes at the most opportune tax level (long-term versus short-term)
  4. Identify (and possibly avoid) assets that send out frequent capital gains distributions
  5. Monitor dividends and interest throughout the year
  6. Identify mutual funds or ETFs with high or low turnover