Leigh Baldwin & Co. (LBC) Advisory Services provides comprehensive Financial Planning to help our clients reach their financial goals.

Cash Flow Planning

  • Analyze short and long-term cash flow needs
  • Evaluate retirement cash flow simulations
  • Assess education funding needs
  • Explore long-term wealth accumulation strategies

Investment Management

  • Determine risk capacity and risk tolerance
  • Research and advise on various investment options and strategies
  • Monitor and rebalance asset allocation
  • Provide regular performance reporting
Leigh Baldwin Financial Planning Chart

Education Funding

  • Discuss higher educational planning
  • Exploring options based on individual’s needs and tax advantages (529 plan vs UTMA)


  • Evaluate life insurance needs and coverages
  • Whole Life vs Term insurance
  • Analyze existing property and casualty insurance exposure
  • Examine excess liability coverages
  • Discuss annuities and guaranteed income

Benefits and Compensation Planning

  • Maximize employee benefits
  • Review retirement plan investment options
  • Discuss stock option strategies

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