When can I retire?2021-06-10T14:29:07-04:00

An individual’s retirement age will depend on a combination of their retirement goals, health, and cash flow needs. Every household is different so give our team a call today to discuss your potential plan.

Do you help with 401(k) or 403(b) rollovers?2021-06-08T10:02:13-04:00

Yes, our team regularly helps investors think through their retirement plan options. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of keeping a retirement account at your old employer, rolling the account to your new employer, or rolling the account into a Traditional IRA

How can I save for my children’s education?2021-06-08T10:03:54-04:00

There are a few different account options that an investor can utilize for education funding. These options include 529 plans, UTMA/UGMA accounts, Coverdell Education Savings Accounts and even a ROTH IRA. Each plan has its advantages and disadvantages, our team can help determine the best option for your circumstance.

What are your teams’ minimums?2021-06-08T10:09:16-04:00

No matter if you have $10,000 or $10 Million your account is personal to you. Leigh Baldwin & Co. offers different investment account options to serve clients regardless of the size of their account. Reach out to an LBC Advisor today to learn about the potential right account for you.

As a small business owner, can you help me set up a retirement plan for my employees?2021-06-08T10:12:39-04:00

Yes, we help small business owners and entrepreneurs set up retirement plans for their employees. The biggest question mark employers face is figuring out the right plan for their employees. We look forward discussing the similarities and differences of a Self-Employed 401(k), a 401(k), a SIMPLE IRA, a SEP IRA, or Investment Only Account.

Should I pay off my mortgage and/or student loans?2021-06-08T10:11:33-04:00

Unfortunately, this is not a one size fits all question. Simply put, it depends on an individual’s comfort level with debt and the interest rate on their loan. Let’s have a conversation to take a deeper dive to help figure out what’s right for you.

How is your team compensated?2021-06-08T10:12:16-04:00

Our fees depend on the partnership with our clients. Our fee structure may be fee-based only, commission-only, or a hybrid model of commission and fee-based. We believe our fees should be structured based on the best interest of our clients and the services we provide as costs are a key component to a long-term plan.

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