Leigh Baldwin Front Building

The firm was founded in 1991 by Leigh Baldwin, whose goal for the company was and is to serve as an investment firm devoted to the client relationship. Throughout the past 30 years, the company has evolved, advanced, and expanded into a full-service investment brokerage firm, all without compromising on their primary ideology to treat all investors equally.

As an early pioneer in the independent investment firm space, Leigh Baldwin & Co. has emphasized long-term performance enhanced by continuous, on-going risk management.  In addition, the company believes that by keeping costs low and by always questioning the rationale of the favored crowd, clients may rely on them to achieve their financial goals.

The entrepreneurial spirit and structure surrounding the firm has led it to grow from 2 people to well over 110 financial professionals across 12 states, responsible for over $3.0 billion dollars in customer assets (as of 3/31/22).

Leigh Baldwin & Co. (LBC), LLC has been an SEC registered RIA since June of 2008. We manage discretionary account portfolios based upon the client’s risk tolerance, future goals, and financial wellbeing. LBC Advisory Services offers clients comprehensive financial planning, investment management, retirement planning, and insurance. As of 3/31/22, LBC Advisory Services managed over $180 million dollars.

National Financial Services LLC is a Fidelity Investment company and has been Leigh Baldwin & Co.’s clearing firm since March of 1992. Fidelity is the largest clearing and custody firm on Wall Street, with $4.1 billion in excess net capital. Collectively, the Fidelity brokerage platform has $2.9 Trillion in assets (AUA) and processes 500 million+ transactions per day.

NFS offers Integrated Brokerage Solutions to over 3600+ Advisory firms served by their Clearing and Custody team. Integrated Brokerage Solutions incorporates innovative technology, products and programs, supported by dedicated client service professionals and trusted industry partners. This holistic, solutions-oriented approach is designed to help client firms attain competitive advantage by driving growth, creating efficiency, and managing risk.


NFS and Fidelity data as of 12/31/2020